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Let's Talk Patreon!

It's no secret that Patreon has taken off in a big way for various outlets and that includes the author world! You can find just about any topic of interest with tons of helpful info and fun exclusives. So let's dive into author Patreon.

I am a member of two Patreon groups and have had the best experience. Upon joining, I instantly found a supportive group of fellow writers where we encourage and share knowledge and experiences. It's amazing being able to post questions and have them answered as well as tips on what works and didn't work. They are both affordable with multiple tiers to fit with any budget. I also struggle with fitting everything in, and what is the first thing that gets dropped? My writing. I wanted to make that more of a priority so having access to two authors who have published books is invaluable to me. I am able to meet with both and set achievable goals. Having that extra accountability of someone checking in with me has been very helpful in staying focused.

"What is it? On Patreon, you can let your fans become active participants in the work they love by offering them a monthly membership. You give them access to exclusive content, community, and insight into your creative process. In exchange, you get the freedom to do your best work, and the stability you need to build an independent creative career. Build a direct, meaningful connection with your audience."

Melissa Hawkes

I have been a patron of Melissa Hawkes' Patreon for about 8 months. Melissa provides a wealth of knowledge to her patrons in the form of her resource hub! She provides such valuable information in the form of research, printables, workshops, tips and more. This Patreon is very affordable, and you can select the tier that best fits your budget and needs (there are 5 tiers to choose from). I recently upgraded my tier to have access to the monthly workshops and a more personal accountability. I have loved getting to chat with Melissa and being a part of her group. She constantly adds to the resources, and her articles are easy to follow and implement. She makes it fun, and she is also an expert on author websites!

Interested in joining us? Pick a tier!

About Melissa: Hello! I started to pursue a writing career in 2020 and in February, 2021, I published my debut YA Fantasy novel, Cloaked Shadows. As a writing enthusiast and a marketing fanatic, I'm incredibly passionate about sharing the tips and tricks I've learned with other individuals. YA Fantasy | Author of Cloaked Shadows and Unveiled Reflections

Writing Faerie Academy

Author Kendra Thomas recently launched her Patreon, Writing Faerie Academy, and I'm proud to say that I was one of the first to join! I am so excited to be a part of this group, and even had some bookstagram friends join as well so it was nice to already know a few people. I have been following Kendra for a while and love all of her bookish content on Instagram. Kendra provides a lot of video content, exclusive workshops, 1 on 1 calls, writing critiques, and more. She offers 6 tiers (some have limited numbers available) at affordable price points.

Interested in joining us? Pick a tier!

About WFA: Welcome to the Writing Faerie Academy, a school for those looking to become great writers. Here at the academy, you'll meet other students that have the same passion as you. The Director of the academy, Kendra Thomas, is a YA fantasy author looking to help writers achieve their dreams. Join the academy and receive exclusive one on one advice from Kendra that will help you grow and flourish as a writing faerie! As we say here at the Writing Faerie Academy, writing can give you wings, so what do you say? Are you ready to fly?

Overall, I highly recommend Patreon for authors. These creators have a lot to offer us as writers that we can take advantage of. Their expertise can be an invaluable resource, and the extra accountability can be beneficial. Let them help you attain your goals! I love both of these Patreons and are more than worth the monthly membership fee. You can also cancel, downgrade, or upgrade at any time so if you decide it's not for your or you want more you can do whatever is best for you. Happy writing!

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