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Realms Beyond


Pious pirates, dangerous dragons, and revengeful royalty converge in this collection of fantastical stories woven together to create realms beyond one singular stage. This assemblage of tales sings siren songs of love, loyalty, and loss.


The authors of this collection were selected by author of the Granted series, Kendra Thomas, from fellow writers enrolled in her Writing Faerie Academy.


The lessons learned among the characters of each tale may differ, but their stories of resiliency and perseverance remain.

Royal Revenge


My short story that is included in Realms Beyond is Royal Revenge.  I am so excited to share this story with you and I had so much fun writing and exploring it.

An assassin with a thirst for revenge.


A prince guilty of his father’s crimes.


Lady Isla, or so she claims to be, has waited twelve years for the opportunity to avenge her family’s death at the hands of the king. With the Lunar Ball looming and the prince expected to choose a bride, she will have the chance to get close to the prince and exact her revenge! But what happens when he’s not as she expected?

This book released on November 30, 2022 on Amazon but unfortunately is no longer available.

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