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Bookstagram Tips

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

If you are an author, writer, reader, or bibliophile, you need to be a member of bookstagram. What is bookstagram? It's the part of Instagram where all the lovers of books hang out and have dubbed it bookstagram. This is where you need to tap into to get more visibility for your book, blog, or to have a place to share about books. In my recent experience, this has a lot more activity than Facebook. If you would like to see mine, just scroll to the bottom of the page.

I thought I would share some tips that I have learned since tapping into bookstagram.


  • Do join the community of book lovers. This is an area that is so welcoming and encouraging. You can quickly make friends and find those who are mutually supportive. It truly is a great place to be.

  • Do make your account unique. Pick a theme and go with it. This could be a color, a filter, a prop, layout, aesthetic, etc. You want to be remembered.

  • Do participate in follow trains as this is a great way to gain followers while supporting others.

  • Do host giveaways. This is another great way to gain new followers while having some fun. (Example - give away a $20 Amazon gift card).

  • Do join engagement groups. This is a great way to help with account visibility.

  • Take advantage of the tools on Instagram and create videos, reels, stories - anything to get people to engage.

  • Do talk about books you're reading, want to read, writing, and about yourself. Respond to every comment you receive, and be sure to comment on other posts you see that you like.

  • Share to your stories posts you like.

  • Do use hashtags.

  • Do join book tours.


  • Don't only post about your book. It's a great thing that you have written a book and published it, but no one wants to see 50 posts in a row about it. Don't endlessly plug it.

  • Don't have an account full of quotes. This is boring. It's ok to include posts with a quote you love but don't overload it. Quotes also work great in your stories.

  • Don't follow to unfollow accounts. It's rude and no one likes it.

  • Don't message someone out of the blue asking them to buy your book. Message to ask someone to review your book is fine, but know that they might get asked this a lot.

  • Don't post other people's photos without giving them credit.

  • Don't be negative - be kind when reviewing books. We all know someone worked and spent a lot of hours on that book.

  • Don't make your account solely about selling something. Balance it out.

Remember, it's called bookstagram for a reason. I have discovered so many books on here I otherwise probably would not have read. But when you start seeing posts and fellow readers excited about it, it makes you excited too. I know this is the goal for every author - to see people posting and excited about your book. It can happen!

So come join the greatest community on Instagram and be ready to engage!

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