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Starting Them Young

Reading is one of the most important skills needed to be successful in life.

I remember being fascinated with books from an early age and spending evenings reading with my mother - she with her book and me with mine. It is such an important skill to encourage in children.

Below are 7 reasons kids should begin reading at a young age:

1. Kids should read because it improves their vocabulary. Don’t believe? Keep an eye out for a post on how Twilight can do that in the near future. Are you thinking you learn vocab in school, so why learn more? Your vocabulary improves faster by reading than if you didn’t and you not only are smarter you sound it too.

2. Reading saves energy. It’s true! If you choose to read over watching television or playing video games you’re saving energy that you would be wasting. So read or pick something that doesn’t waste any electricity.

3. Reading also helps you with other skills such as visualizing. Use that imagination!

4. Kids should read because they will learn interesting, and useful information for an assignments or for fun. For example: books are always my first choice for writing papers. I have learned how fireworks were invented, all about the earth’s layers, Claude Monet, and much much more.

5. Reading helps kids write better. For example you could say, “The cat ran up the tall tree because she was scared;” or “The cat scurried up the towering tree because she was frightened.” Now which one do you think is most interesting? If you guessed the second one you are correct!

6. Reading provides characters as role models and teach kids about social situations too. Let’s say there’s a bully at school and a kid is having trouble with this bully. That kid then reads Harry Potter and stand up for himself like Harry does to Malfoy. Neat!

7. My seventh and final reason why kids should read is because, it sets an example for other kids. I love to read, it makes me sad to think a lot of kids are missing out on the stories that have made such an impact on me. So grab your library card and go book browsing!

*Source for reasons: Literature Young Adult Fiction

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