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Book Review: An Empress of Air and Chaos

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

An Empress of Air and Chaos was one of my most anticipated books of the year. The author, Noelle Rayne, is a friend of mine that I met last year when we both hopped on bookstagram. She is absolutely amazing, and I have enjoyed our chats and encouraging each other to pursue our dreams of being an author. Now she is!

This story follows Emma Clearwater as her world is turned upside down one night when her grandmother is killed by a paranormal creature who also tries to kill her. She is saved by the Hunters, particularly the Blacksteel brothers. She is taken to their Tower when she begins the search of who she is and her heritage discovering her grandmother was a former member of a witch coven. Both Blacksteel brothers help her on her journey amidst ongoing attacks from a demon army. While she falls for Gideon, the chemistry between Emara and Torin is undeniable. The story ends with a betrayal, a murder, a betrothal, and a place within her grandmother's coven. What will Emara do?

I have included the official synopsis below, but let's talk about some of my favorite moments from the book without giving away any spoilers! The friendship between Emara and Callyn is heartfelt, and most of us know what it is like to have that special friend. Gideon Blacksteel is chivalrous and genuine, but fiercely loyal (perhaps to a fault). It is hard to not fall for him and his gentle side. Torin Blacksteel. The overly confident one that you love to dislike. But is there more to him than his ego? Hmmm. In the Torin category, there are two specific scenes that I adored: 1) when he takes Emara away from the Tower to help her train in defense but antagonizes her to see if she has any magic capabilities, and 2) when he dances with Emara at the uplift.

I loved this book and cannot wait for book two. I stayed up late into the night to finish it, then I thought about it the whole next day, digesting the story and the setting. I highly recommend it and hope that you will read it. It is perfect for fantasy, paranormal, and romance lovers!

Available at all major book outlets and on KU!


World Building:

Character Likeability/Development:

Escapism Factor:

Book Synopsis:

Under the light of the approaching Blood Moon, Emara Clearwater finds herself thrust into a world of supernatural magic. When her village is torn apart and everything she has ever known is shattered, she must navigate through a new world alongside her best friend, Cally. Meeting Witches with elemental magic, Shapeshifters and strikingly handsome Demon Hunters, it's like she was always meant to find this world.

The Blacksteel brothers, members of a ferocious Clan of Demon Hunters, are bound by both blood and ancient oath to protect the kingdom from an army of demons. As the brothers grow closer to Emara, they will stop at nothing to protect her.

On her path of self-discovery, Emara finds herself questioning everything she has ever believed and must come to terms with some dark truths about her family’s past. Not only is she torn between what world she belongs to, but she also finds herself questioning matters regarding her heart. There is something about the Blacksteel brothers that unlock a part of Emara, that she kept suppressed for so long and she is finally beginning to feel it stir.

But there is a rising darkness… A darkness that threatens to consume the Kingdom of Caledorna. An Army of Demons are on their way from the Underworld, instructed by their ruthless dark God, to find ancient relics that are the key to unlocking him from his cage.

And no one is safe.

Especially not Emara.

Emara must step into the light of the magic world or be swallowed by darkness forever.

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